About the Shevet Chen

Shevet Chen is a vibrant and engaging youth movement for Israeli, Hebrew speaking children in the Los Angeles San Fernando chapter – the largest and oldest Israeli “Shevet” (chapter) in North America. The youth movement program run by the Friends of the Israel Scouts, Inc., an apolitical, non-sectarian organization.

Shevet Chen has been operating in Los Angeles since the early 80’s and has seen thousands of kids from the Israeli-American community in Los Angeles grow in this vibrant community, take on leadership in the Tzofim, grow with the understanding of responsibility, activism, Zionism and the love for Israel. The emphasis of the program is on social and moral development, and aims to strengthen the bond between Israeli youth living abroad and Israel.

Shevet Chen has grown to become a community with strong bonds, friendships and lifetime memories for children, teenagers and the parents. The Zofim program helps young people develop intellectually, socially and mentally through the various programs that are developed for each year. Over the years kids develop the understanding of working together, the strength of a united group and support of peers.