Training & Leadership Seminar – סמינר הדרכה

One of the highlights for our incoming 9th graders is the Training and Leadership Seminar is held by and run by Hanhagat Tzabar. This seminar is their official transition to Shachbag.
The seminar is for madrichim (counselors) of the 9th grade, and rashgadim from all of the Western troops. The seminar will take place in Los Angeles. In parallel, a similar course is help in New York for the Youth Leaders (Merakzim Tze’irim).
The weekend is conducted by the Merakzim from Hanhagat Tzabar, and helping define the participants’ roles, provide tools, and to continue to raise the level of their instruction.
This retreat is an excellent opportunity for the children to better understand their role, raise and share problems they’ve encountered, and learn from the experience of others. The children return from the seminary with a lot of motivation for their roles and with a lot more knowledge.