Tiyul Anivot ( Grade Level Hike)

Shevet Chen’s first event of the year is the “Tiyul Anivot” – where all group members of all grades and their families take part of. The hike takes place after all of chanichim (group members) have had time to bond with their group for approximately 4 meetings.
The hike is a great opportunity for our families and kids to create wonderful experiences together. The day long hike gives the kids the opportunity to take part of several outdoor activities and enjoy nature. At the end of the route, each child that participated in the hike will receive his official scouts grade level tie which he will need to wear each week.
This day gives all the Chanichim (group members) a chance to learn about the meaning of the scouts anivah in tzofim, about the different anivot, and about what the new anivah symbolizes within their “Tzofim Journey”. At the end of the hike, a ceremony is conducted, where chanichim are given their new anivah by their madrichim.

Please note that Chanicim who have not paid their dues or registered, will not be able to participate in this activity, including those who are on trial.