Shevet Chen Los Angeles - שבט חן לוס אנג׳לס

The most Israeli place in America – המקום הכי ישראלי באמריקה-

Community Activism & Volunteering

The Israeli Scouts is a pluralistic movement which serves as the most valuable Israeli-American platform delivering meaningful experiences that inspire a lasting connection to the Israel and the Jewish people.


Shevet Chen offers safe and welcoming opportunities for learning and growth to all Israeli-American kids and teens regardless of background, denominational affiliation, gender, sexual orientation or socio-economic status, including those with a range of intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities. We welcome everyone with a big smile and open arms. Shevet Chen offers a free program for children within this category.

Great Adventures. Forever Friendship.

Shevet Chen prides itself on fun and meaningful programming that ultimately connects youth and their families to one another building lifetime friendships and growing the Israeli-American community.

Tikun Olam

Shevet Chen continuously works on its responsibility to the global Jewish community, its unwavering commitment to the State of Israel, and its dedication to tikkun olam – repairing the world by taking an active role within the community.

Our Commitment to

Our Scouts and Their Parents


Empowerment and development of leadership abilities from an early age.


A place where youth educates and leads youth.


A rich and diverse social environment


Shevet Chen is a safe space that allows each member to develop his abilities and to become a confident youth and a contributing citizen to the society in which he lives.


Education for Israel, with an emphasis on the Hebrew language and maintaining contact with the Israeli Zionist culture and the State of Israel

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